The Money is in The List

The Money Is In The List

If I were to be given a chance to start my Internet Marketing journey all over again, the first thing I will do is to build my list. This is the costliest and only mistake I’ve ever made in my life as an Internet Marketer and I regret it until today so…

I strongly encourage you Start building your list NOW!

My best friend Angela summed it up so well in our recent conversation:

“Having a List of dedicated fans and clients is the single most important asset any business can have. Having a list is the best way to deepen a relationship with your audience. It’s where you share your story, your purpose, and your insight. It’s where you can turn prospects into rabid fans.”

Thinking back about the amount of visitors I’ve lost in the early days because I do not know what list building is all about and its’ importance, with no way of contacting them again, it makes me bang my head on the wall! This is the greatest regret of my life!

List = Investment – Building = Profitability.
The Money Is In The List 2

Money does not grow on trees instead it grows in your precious list and I believe you’ve heard many time “How much you make depends on how big is your list” it’s true.

Statistics shows a sampling of 1,263,000,000 ecommerce transactions across a variety of sites in December 2016. They charted where the traffic was coming from initially, and then only recorded the people who actually loaded items into their shopping cart from the online sites.

Take a look at what reigned supreme in terms of sending them there in the first place… Yes, you guessed it – EMAILS


Are you impress with the results?

I’m sure you are so, let’s get down to the basics of how to build your list.

What is an email list and why do you need one now?

an email list is essentially a way for people to sign up and agree to receive communication from you – whether it’s new blog posts, special offers, exclusive communication or a standard newsletter, as an example.

Every successful blogger, internet entrepreneur or small business owner who leverages the internet to market themselves HAS AN EMAIL LIST. This is non-negotiable.

If you are observance enough, you can see on most blogs, either they have a rather large panel at the side that asks you to subscribe to their newsletter or when you are about exit the website, a large pop up will appear to get you to subscribe to their newsletter and in return, they will give you their kick ass eBook.

Just that you know, when you put your email in exchange for their free eBook, there are some fancy code from Aweber or their autoresponder of choice to capture your name and email address once you optin.

Most autoresponders like Aweber, Mailchimp and Constant Contact allow you to collect much more information like a phone number, website, answer to a question, location etc.

Studies show that asking for only an email are those that convert the best, in terms of getting people to sign up but in my opinion, who wants to communicate with someone they don’t even know on a first name basis? That’s not how you build a business!

Two words – communication and relationships


How do you build friendships? You talk about things you have in common, you build trust based on what you both do and know and divulge to each other over time. Treat your new potential client like a best friend, get them interested, get them into your sales funnel, make them feel good, help them out, offer them heaps of value and, sooner or later, if they like you enough they will buy from you and view you as a trusted resource.

It really is all about relationships. Think about it. You buy from people and brands you like, know and trust, simple as that.


Take a look at this scenario:

If you don’t text, call, email or meet up with your best friend for a long period of time, they will think you are ignoring them or you are just not as close as you used to be.

This is a big lesson I’ve learned earlier on. I was afraid to bother my new subscribers too often so I send out an email once a month hoping it will not intrude their inbox.

Seriously? What an idiot I was! They’ve forgotten about me after a month!

Once my email reached their inbox a month later, either they couldn’t remember who I was or why I was emailing them, they’d either just delete it or unsubscribe or worst, they mark it as spam!

Your subscribers want to hear from you regularly, about useful things, that benefit them and make them happier/ wealthier/ lovelier/ smarter/ more free/ more positive/ more fit – provide them with massive value consistently with your brand and topic.

If you do this consistently with your list, you are building authority, credibility and likeability with your audiences and you have a much greater chance of your readers opening your emails with promotions and offers.

Knowing your list

It is very important to listen to your subscribers but again you cannot please everyone so you should go with what the majority wants so how you know if your subscribers like what you are doing?

Luckily autoresponder like Aweber tell you a lot of information like – how many people opened your email, who clicked, who didn’t, what time the emails were opened, where in the world your subscribers from and many more…

Usually I got an average open rates of around 37% and click rate around 18.5%.

Create a Ritual

So you’ve got your list built, what next?

It’s like blogging, you need to plan ahead and know what you want to do or rather what you want to email your subscribers daily or weekly or whenever you deems fit.

It took me some time to figure out so you should start testing what is best for you and don’t worry about about those who unsubscribe – seriously, it is the norm! Those who subscribed is not worth your time so don’t be upset and move on…

You can definitely improve on what you offer in your email, but you cannot and should not try to please everyone because that’s impossible so keep doing what you do best and I assure you, your subscribers will stick to you and eventually you will have a thriving list of subscribers who are loyal to you.

What to include in your newsletter?

I always treat my newsletter like my blog. I always seek to post better content to it daily and tweak what is working well and what is not.

In general the same rule of thumb applies to email marketing as it does to your website:

  • Clean, attractive design that is easy to read with decent spacing
  • Use of sub headers to direct people where you want
  • An introduction, middle and end
  • Clear navigation – use of a side bar works well for advertising offerings on your website
  • Obvious call to actions – click here, share this, read the full article
  • Social Media share buttons to allow people to easily forward and share your newsletter

Here’s other things you can consider include depending on what it is that you do:

  • Link to free downloads of something you’ve just created
  • Affiliate promotion of somebody’s work that you highly recommend
  • Q&A – where you answer someone’s question from your community
  • Personal video message of the week/month
  • Photos of your latest adventures or something fun, funny or inspiring that’s relevant
  • Quote of the week/ month
  • Tip of the week/ month

You might also want to subscribe to your competitor’s newsletter to get some general idea and inspiration of what to write in your newsletter but please bear in mind that almost everyone do not like to sit down there reading long newsletter so I suggest you break it into a few sections.

Now that you understand the importance of list building, it’s time for you to move forward by taking the first step to start building your own list!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the FIRST STEP”