Why 97% Of People Failed To Make Money Online


There are 5 main reasons why 97% of people failed to make money online. IF you are able to identify which of these 5 problems you are facing (if not all) I can ASSURE you, you will start making money online! It’s very simple, you identify, adapt and overcome!

Most people when starting out to make money online, they are victims of either:

  • Being sold a terrible product or system that leaves them with no specific direction or
  • They’ve been told to go recruit bunch of people to start making money

They are the most terrible strategies to start your online journey!

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Failing At Making Money Online

I will make it short and sweet for you. And you will be excited to know that there is one easy way to overcome all 5 of these which I will share with you a bit later!

  • Bad Mentorship: I know a lot of “so called” coaches/mentors that teach “Theory” instead of proven strategy. Hell, I even know a few coaches that don’t even know what they are teaching! I’m NOT joking
  • Terrible Product: This often paralleling the first reason why people fail at making money online. It is very sad to know that most products I see online are rehashed PLR and out-dated which cannot be applied at present time. Unfortunately is a commonality of most make-money-online platforms so you are not going to see any success.
  • Not Believing In Yourself: Most people lack motivation, they do no have confidence or I’ll rather say they are lack of faith. They doubt that their goals and dreams are achievable, well… this is something you have to sort out from within yourself.
  • Giving Up Too Soon: Take a minute and ponder on this phrase: “most people quit right before they start”. It’s true isn’t it? Do you know that Edison failed 9,999 times to refine the light bulb?
  • NO LIST: The reason why I put this in capital letters is because your LIST is the foundation for online business. Just imagine you build a tower without any foundation, what will happen? Yes, you are correct, it will collapse before you can even complete building it (Refer to “The Money is in The List” why you need a list)

Once you’ve identify which of the 5 category you are in, you MUST find a way to overcome it. It will take some time to adapt and overcome the situation but in time, you will…